SUSE Linux enterprise server – A Comprehensive Overview

  SUSE linux Enterprise server is a basic support to manage many applications in linux platform for customers. For maintaining the information of the growing business and managing SUSE will be very useful mainly in IT industries. SUSE server decreases the complication and rise regulation by equal control, inventive and automation of constant maintenance activities to improve the business. It is highly operable platform for business in online, to store data and use cloud and physically performs well.


Installing of SUSE can be done on any platform like linux, apache, MYSQL, PHP or more. It operates correctly in these platforms and decreases its downtime. SLES can be installed with Yet another Setup tool (YaST) easily. It is a high standard design tool which provides fast results. This tool is installation platform to install SLES in the system. It is provided for the SAP users for using SAP applications. It consists of automated administration of downloading SLES and SAp in less time. It includes special tasks like partitioning of hard drives with necessary package, improving linux operating system. The SAP HANA application is also installed with the SLES in the system. User can use SUSE Studio or AutoYaST installation software for SLES and SAP application.

High Availability Clustering

SLES is used to store and maintain the whole data of a company. It needs high security for its protection and using. While transferring any important data from this server to client it should be encrypted, safe connected. This is done SSL which is powerful encryption security layer with TSL protocol to HTTP transformation of data. The clustering of the various files, drives and applications can be done with SLES while installing with the SAP applications. It provides results quickly with high availability.


It manages to store the data and backup without any failure. The complete information is restored in this server. It stores the data constantly to secure from data loss because of any problems of storage. It can be done weekly or monthly to save the data of the company for future use. There are many sites which give many types of servers for managing the data and for utilizing to do multiple operations. The online sites give full and correct information with proper management by wide services. It also enhances your server performance and always available through calls in solving technical issues for 24/7. SLES server is available with various features at low price in India.

Linux samba server remote support – backups and security Management

The advancing technology coupled with the increasing dependency on technology has facilitated the need for the IT and ITES to adapt a continuously evolving model. This is applicable across all the companies, irrespective of their size, in fact now it is the giants instead of the small or the midlevel players that need to be more concerned about their servers and the related networks and IT enablers.

It is this consistent need to have the systems seamlessly running, ensuring that the clients are happy by having the deliverables done as per the SL agreements,retaining the existing business and acquiring new logos is what prompts businesses to incorporate systems that are robust, next to invulnerable in terms of security and compatible with the platforms that are used for processing transactions. This is where the need for a strong server support comes in and Samba takes over and delivers.

Hardware/ Software’s Installation & Support

Can be installed and functions smoothly with LDAP, PAM, WINBIND

Operating System Compatibility

Samba is a standard on almost all variations of Linux such as Red Hat, SuSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, and SCO

Linux samba server management

The Samba Server is easily integrated with LDAP, wherein the samba server plays the role of a Standalone server with ease and LDAP layer provides a layer for authentication along with containing the user, group, and machine account information that Samba requires in order to function. The Samba package also provides Domain Controller as well as Troubleshooting tips.

Samba Server Security

Samba Server provides security at different modes such as the user level (which in fact is a default setting), Share level Security (which Samba developers discourage to use), as well as Domain Security.

Guarantee without Data Loss

Prevents Data Loss efficiently that might happen owing to incidences like an outage or migration

Backup management

Samba servers make backup more efficient and easy because of the incorporation of the latest backup techniques such as Amanda, BBOS.

Technical support services

Technical support services are used to solve the bad performance, slow working, and other issues in the computers. There are many technical support services which offer facilities by coming to home and repair the systems. This is done by the aid of online computer service technicians in repairing computers, and other technical related products also. Online computer services are vast growing in India with the use of online services by the people. You can find many support services through online and get the service from them. It also provides any help through online with their computer specialists for the customers. These online supports will provide their service across India for customers in any place.

The services of the computer technicians will provide 24×7 support with seven days a week. The computer OS installation and configuration of windows 7, 8, 10, linux, drivers will be done with hardware performance tune up like cpu, motherboard, memory, HDD, display and more. The main issues of computer involve troubleshooting problems of slow speed, device not starting because of OS activating, software, drivers, and speed of computer. It also provides top security tools for removing virus, malwares and not able to get attacked by online threats and hackers.  They fix the computer easily with immediate solutions by resolving any technical problems.

To discuss about linux servers, the technologies are rapidly increasing with wide development. In order to reach the upgraded demands in technologies, many options are provided for customers. This helps them in searching for a good Linux Server service provider.

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