Modern Technology Running the World with Ease

  Technology had made many thing simple and life easier. Today we are enjoying our life using technology. Technology have made different sectors of life easy, it is widely used in many sectors.

In Communication

In communication, it plays an important role. Modern Technology has made communication with people around the world simple and easy. In olden days it was difficult for people to communicate with others who lived in different cities and countries. They used to communicate with letters which used to take weeks to reach the other person. Now with the advancement of technology and its availability, it made communication easy. Through internet and telephones, mobiles, long distance communication have become simple. We can communicate with anyone within minutes. They can even make video calls and see the other person as well as talk. The modern technology made long distance communication clear and instant.

In Education

 In education, modern technology made it easy. The use of computers and internet has made their importance. Computers can store huge amounts of data which have replaced files and books which occupy much space. The use of CD’s and pen drives made storage easy and simple. These can be carried anywhere with ease and can be stored in less space. While in olden days, book and thick cardboard files use to occupy more space and which was difficult to carry. Internet is the main source of learning and together information. One can search for any topic on internet and can get the information very easily in minutes. One computer can store many games, audio and video lessons which are useful for students to learn easily. Now a day in many schools, projectors are used and lesions are taught using the presentation slides.

In health care and other sectors

Modern technology have made in place even in health care industries. With the advancement of technology the diagnostic tools have made many things easy. Like when a doctor has to identify any disease and the condition of the patient, the technology is helping him to do it easily. With the modern technology, it has become simple to increase the treatment and save the life. The advancement of technology in medical field is really effective. It has helped in extending the diseases like smallpox which were once massive. The modern technology have helped the patients to control the diseases which were life threatening. The improvement of technology in medical field has improved the life span and quality of life. The use technology in have increased the productivity also. As the computers can solve complex equations at high speed and accurately this have help human affords and time. Using computer 3D effects can be created and with this in many manufacturing companies, many products can be visualized. Data can also be stored. The use of computers in many offices has increased the speed and allows the workers to give maximum productivity. It replaced humans in many industries where programming is stored and tasks are done simply and quickly.

Education & Technology go Hand-in-Hand

Education has largely remained unchanged over the last century with classrooms full of yearning students, patiently waiting for their all knowing educators and teachers to impart the knowledge to them. But things are gradually changing. The advent of technology has created an explosion of information as well as equipped us with the means to interact with communicate with our peers around the world. With this change it is imperative there is a change in the way we impart and receive education. Children today should be taught things differently from the pre-Google times.

Technology’s Role in Education

Technology, in today’s world, is a critical component of education. The transformative power of technology makes it critical in the role it plays in education. The use of digital means is slowly increasing alongside the traditional means of imparting education in order to improve the learning outcomes. Educators across levels from schools to higher education must employ the use of technology in order to attain equip their students with the most recent and updated information knowledge of the current world.

Technology can equip students to learn remotely, in the process allowing the educators to be able to reach a wider audience. Remote education can also help multiple educators and students use the same platform to undertake a collaborative means of learning. Presentations as well as video learning also help students understand and assimilate concepts better. The availability of technology helps students not just imbibe the information obtained from the educators but in many cases source information for themselves and better grasp the concept and sometimes in even greater depth than what might be provided by the educator.

Current Trends

Many educationalists believe in this digital age, the many tools and technologies available to help students gain information assimilate knowledge and use them effectively. The role of the teachers is fast changing from being the source and transferor of information to someone who is a facilitator and coach for the students helping them with contextual learning through collaborative means. Educators are now using technology as a means to increase the student centric approach to teaching where students get the opportunity to conduct their own research, ask queries and engage in collaborative activities, with the teacher acting as a facilitator to this means.

The education systems around the world are slowly adopting technology innovations. There is a small but continuous shift that is that the current teaching methodology from content based one to a process based system. There are companies that are focusing at bringing in new means of teaching and imparting knowledge, making the learning process an interesting, a collaborative and a more effective one.

The education system is slowly facilitating the learning environment to be such that it allows the students to self learn and rely less on the information being imparted to them by educators. This mode of self learning will allow students would equip them with the skills to find, learn and use facts specific to a context on their own, something that would help them learn throughout their lives.

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