How Technology Has Revolutionized So Many Areas of Our Lives

  Technology has changed so many things around us. It has made so many human dreams possible. It has revolutionized almost all the industries and changed day to day life of humans to a greater extent. It has changed almost every area that is related to human life. Let us see some of them briefly.

Job industry: Technology has made it possible to work just sitting at your home. Many companies are offering work from home jobs. With these jobs, you don’t need to go to office and work and you can work right sitting at your place. You just need to connect to your office Virtual Private Network and can work with the help of internet. This will help you in balancing your personal and professional life better. You can avoid travelling in the heavy traffic of your city and can use that commute time for your other works. Internet had made all these possible and brought new options.

Also, the Internet is providing many opportunities to earn money. These new income earning ways are attracting many. You just need to start a YouTube channel or a blog or a website. Good content will attract many visitors. If the visitors to your site increase, you can start earning money. You can upload any video that you feel is useful to others and if it reaches your audience, that’s it. Visitors will keep visiting your channel and advertisements will be shown before playing videos. You get income from these ads.

Access to data: Technology has made abundant information available at your doorsteps. You don’t need any resource other than just one single thing i.e. internet to access any data that you need. It includes everything such as technology, fashion, business, travel, health and finance etc. You can almost get any information under the sun. Technology has made it possible; any person anywhere in the world can access any information.

This will help you to learn about different cultures and you will get to know different ideas. This will help in generating more and more new innovative ideas which further takes our world forward. You can search and get information regarding medical information, addresses, contact numbers, reviews, ratings and everything about anything.

Education:  Technology has revolutionized whole traditional educational methods. You don’t need to go to classroom necessarily to access any course. Many courses are being offered online. So you can access these courses from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with proper internet connection and it is good to go.

Even if you don’t study in reputed institutions, you can still access those quality lectures through the internet. Many institutions are providing their lectures online. Especially, this is very useful for underprivileged students who cannot access better education due to financial or any other constraints. This helps in achieving level playing field.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy physical editions of the books and you can access a lot of reference material online.

Not just academic lessons, you can learn anything using the internet. You can learn how to cook any dish of your choice, you can learn photography or you name anything and you can learn it.

Administration: Governments are using technology in many ways to provide better administration and services to people. Technology is used to drastically reduce corruption. Also, technology helps to cut down all middlemen and brokers and administration can directly reach to citizens. It has also improved accountability of government administration personnel and there is a radical change in the way that the government functions. Officers are using new technology and upgrading systems to bring out wonderful results. Using technology is making many impossible things possible.

Security: Police department is endorsing the fact that one security camera is doing almost 100 cops work. Technology is helping enormously in crime situations and the cops are able to get very accurate evidence. This is making their job very easy in maintaining peace and harmony in society. Technology is not only helping in finding the evidence of crime incidents but also helping in preventing further loss and thefts. Drones, as well as robots, are new technological weapons being used in many ways. There are still restrictions in using drones in many countries as this will be a security issue.

Money and Finance: All you need to carry is a plastic card and you are no more required to carry cash with you. You can access your bank account right from your computer. Online money transfers have made money transactions very easy. This reduces your time to go to the bank and get your work done instead you can finish your bank work in minutes. You can check your balances from your smartphone itself. You can trade in share markets from anyplace with just your laptop.

Shopping: Technology has changed whole traditional shopping and now online shopping is the buzzing word. Big multinational companies have entered into e-commerce marketing. As the number of users is increasing who do online shopping, this industry is growing rapidly. You don’t need to go to physical stores to purchase your groceries, electronics, clothes, shoes or anything. Also, you get all types of brands in one place and can compare their features and prices. It helps you make better-informed purchasing decisions.

Social Media: It is one of the biggest platforms now, where you can express your thoughts and can share your opinions with a number of people. You can connect with your friends and relatives and also with unknown people. Facebook, Twitter are such platforms which allow you to reach to a great number of people. You can follow any person you admire and get notifications about their news and events. Sharing opinions, discussions and debating on a larger platform will definitely enrich your learning and thought process. You can connect with millions of people around the world.

Electronic media: Now almost all the newspapers and channels are digitalized. You can almost get any newspaper of any country with just one click. You can get access to not just local news but also to the global news in a fraction of seconds. Whether it is political news, entertainment, terrorism issue or some new science and technological invention, it could be anything; you don’t need to wait for tomorrow’s newspaper-like older days.

Thus, technology has revolutionized almost all the industries and has changed human lives a lot. As the technology progress, so as human life. Your only responsibility is to see that you use it for better purposes and bring out some positive change in your life and others around you.

dani wong
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