Twitter Marketing Bot Tips

Twitter Marketing Bot Tips

In the modern era, people know very well that Twitter marketing bot is becoming an increasingly powerful marketing tool. What happens to Twitter is that you need to know what to do and what not. Your Twitter may soon turn from success to inclusion in a spam list 

Here have made a good and compiled a list of tips that will help you.

Favourable advice

  1. Your content is an asset.

Everything you post on Twitter is an asset, a reflection of you and your personality. Publishing high-quality and informative content is vital to maintaining this “buzz” on your Twitter and vital to attract a loyal audience.

  1. Participate

If you see a tweet that you think you can respond to, or if you have an opinion, contact this user. Tweet your answer and mention this user. If they are happy with your answer, they can re-tweet or make it loved. Providing your twitter marketing bot with more information and, as a result, creating your virtual reputation.

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  1. Follow back

Tracking returns are important to the active community on Twitter. When deciding whether to follow a user, it is best to look at the user’s biography and some of their tweets. If they look like the person with whom you will interact, follow them and give them a mention.

  1. Twitter Lists

As you begin to follow Twitter and subscribe to users, you will soon notice that your feed is full of tweets. This problem can be solved with the help of Twitter lists, these lists are used to compile lists of people with similar interests from the same city, their family and friends in separate lists. So you can see the tweets that you want to see, when you want to see them, without seeing them all at the same time.

  1. Follow Friday

Next Friday is a very powerful tool, every Friday people recommend sending tweets to some of your most interactive users with whom you think your subscribers would like to interact with. Using the following format:

If you received a Twitter tweet containing # FF or # FollowFriday, you should thank the user, who in turn receives more information.

Things to avoid

  1. Linkit

Linkit is a generic word used to describe the effect of posting multiple links. When you post a lot of links on your tweets, you run the risk of being included in the search engine spam list and getting a Google blacklist.

  1. Auto tracking

Using Auto follow gives you a bit of enthusiasm at the time, but leaves you no long-term benefit. You also risk that your account will be marked as spam and automatically deleted by Twitters spambots.

  1. Scheduled Tweets

Using scheduled tweets is not recommended, because the idea of ​​Twitter is to publish what happens when it happens. That is why your followers follow you to know what you are doing. Although programmed tweets are not always negative, if you have something that, as you know, will go viral at certain times of the day, then using a programmed tweet will be very effective.

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