Biometric attendance system Singapore

The Advantages Of Using The Biometric Attendance System, Singapore

Almost all companies around the globe face problems in maintaining a proper attendance record. When you make the employees sign during entry and exit, it doesn’t work perfectly well. There may be chances that they put the timings wrong. You need to put a notebook on the entrance. The employee may forget to put a sign in a hurry. To ensure all this, you need to have an extra person at the reception to make sure everybody signs. This is a lot of paperwork and when the HR needs to go through attendance, they need to check all the papers and spend a lot of time on it. It gets easier when all of this can be put in a proper system. This is what the biometric system is all about.

Why go for a biometric system?

This is basically an automated attendance system. There are a lot of companies that can put the biometric system and link it to the required devices. The biometric attendance system Singapore is quite famous. They don’t just make biometric entries. They make many other things much easier. The employers and everybody else whose attendance has to register to the system and from then on, they just have to enter and punch their finger or their ID card to the machine and go inside. The system will make a note of the perfect time when the employee enters the office.

Biometric attendance system Singapore

Leave management:

When an employee wants to take a leave, he or she has to call the HR and inform in case it is an emergency. Otherwise, he has to apply for leave and wait until the HR confirms it. It is not easy to keep a track of the leave available and check if they can take a leave. By using the time of leave management, the employees can just apply for leave on the go and the HR will be able to view it anytime. They can look for the number of leaves available. What if the leave is an emergency sick leave? No worries as this have provisions where the employees can upload the medical certificate and other things. The employees can also check the leave calendar of the office. For more details, you can check the website

This biometric system is made to make work easier. It saves a lot of time spent on papers. You can use this to help you calculate leave entitlements and payrolls based on all the factors like a probation period, experience, date of joining, interns and so on. Just learn how to use the system properly and follow all the instructions given by the technician. For other details, contact their support centre and get your doubts clarified.

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