Sonic Egg

Sonic Egg- Now Stop Annoying Barking Anytime

Placing the sonic egg above 5 ft. from the ground, in the direction from where the dog barking is coming, stops the unwanted sound. The device releases ultrasonic sound, which is audible only to dogs. The range of the produced sound is around 50 ft. Dogs have a hearing capacity, which is four times more than humans. Ultrasonic sound means it has a frequency of 20,000Hz or above, which is not audible to the human ear. Since their hearing is sensitive, they can hear this kind of sound, one of the reasons they behave weird sometimes. High pitched ultrasonic sound has the potential to harm their ears.

Safeguards and Instructions

The device is supposed to not be less than 12 inches from a person’s ear. It should only be used to discourage unwanted barking of dogs. Remember, it is not a toy to play; keep it out of reach of your child. It does not protect you from a stray belligerent dog. This device is portable; you can carry it anywhere you like. This product can be used to train your dog. This stops exasperating barking from a neighbor`s dog. It, by design, detects a barking dog up to the range of 50ft. This device has three levels of sensitivity for bark detection. The device can withstand all kinds of weather, hence suitable for outdoor use also.

Parts of the device

The inbuilt microphone detects the sound of barking. The ultrasonic speaker produces the ultrasonic sound to stop the annoying bark. Function dial switch on and off the device and test mode conclude if the device is working correctly or not. The red glow on led indicates the battery is low, and the green one signifies the battery is working normally. You can set the microphone in three stages; low, which detects barking up to 15ft: medium up to 30ft and high up to 50ft. A mounting hole is provided to mount it in a desirable place. Through the battery door, you can place the battery.

How it works

The barking of a dog activates the device, and in response, emits an ultrasonic sound to discourage the barking. The microphone detects the unwanted sound, and a signal is sent to the speaker who starts emitting ultrasonic sound. The production of ultrasonic sounds sustains till the dog is barking; once it stops, the device discontinues producing ultrasonic sound. Mount it on a table or wall for indoor use. For outdoor use, hang it on a tree or mount it on a fence or branch using the mounting hole on the device.

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