How Is Digital Workplace Experience Better Than A Physical Workplace Experience?

What is digital workplace experience?

The digital workplace experience refers to providing a working platform that operates over the digitized medium with the help of digital tools. The work takes place with the aid of the internet and digital applications. These applications help project management, storage and updating of data, automation of work to reduce labour, collaboration with other employees and team members etc.

The digital workplace offers a medium to have discussions and meeting. It is much more than just working with the intranet process. You can add members, share work and ideas, look up for collaborations etc. It also helps in keeping track of the work progress and offers visibility of work to all.  

How digital workplace saves time?

The digital workplace experience doesn’t mean that you keep working with random apps and take the help of an internet connection. Rather than this digital workplace eliminates the switching between apps. It provides a single platform that enables you to execute all the tasks and works from data to projects and meetings to collaborations. This saves time and labour, and you don’t have to open and close several applications and windows or tabs at once.  

How is a digital workplace better than a physical workplace?

  • A physical workplace requires your physical presence in a physical office. You have to get up and get ready every morning, travel and then reach the office. Whereas a digital workplace may not require this, it can be operated from anywhere and saves the time, energy, and travelling expenses.
  • The physical workplace is time-bound where you may require to reach 10 am and work till 7 pm, whereas a digital workplace has no such boundaries. It has no restrictions on time and place.
  • A physical workplace requires a lot of manual labour as compared to a digital workplace. You have to share and transfer files physically and need to roam around the office and call urgent meetings for discussions. Simultaneously, all of this can be done without any physical labour through the digitized medium in a much easier and convenient way, without negligible physical labour.

Digitized medium also makes sure that none of your data is lost and gives options for data recovery. It makes sure that all the employees work together with shared data and have an idea of the work progress. This helps employees to overcome any kind of hindrance coming in the way of task completion.

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