An Overview On The Web Application Development Company Singapore

What is web application development?

Web app development is the creation of an application program that resides on a remote server and gets delivered to a user’s device over the Internet. You do not need to download a web application instead, you can access it over the network. End-users can access their web applications through web browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Most web applications get written in JavaScript, cascading style sheets (CSS), and HTML5.

The cycle of the web app development

It usually has a short development life cycle led by a small development team. Front-end development of web app gets done through client-side programming. A client is a computer application such as a web browser.

Client-side programming typically uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML programming tells the browser how to represent the screen content of a web page, but CSS keeps displaying the data in the exact format. JavaScript executes JavaScript code on a web page to make some of its content interactive.

Benefits of web application development

  • Increased efficiency

Having multiple versions of a spreadsheet or shuffling piles around of documents is not only time consuming, but also prone to unrecognized human error until it’s too late. In addition, if you do not integrate these multiple data sources, you may need time-consuming and tedious data replication to get a complete picture of your business performance.

  • 24/7 Accessibility

The business system built with the web application is web-based, so you can access it 24/7 with an internet connection. In addition, they are entirely flexible and accessible from almost any device or browser. If you need to update desktop-based software, you need to update each device where the application gets installed individually. This task is usually left to the employee and can get ignored if the time runs out, leaving the company vulnerable to security breaches.

  • Higher security levels

With desktop-based software, computer theft or damage can be a very costly and time-consuming situation. Your data is at risk, and you will need to contact your software supplier to request that the software gets reinstalled on a new machine.

  • Easy-to-customize and scalable

One of the biggest problems customers face with off-the-shelf software is that the software doesn’t grow, integrate into the business, or at least not without expensive upgrades. Custom web applications get specially designed to meet your business needs. They are entirely flexible and scalable as your business needs and growth.

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