Is brain training good for a healthy brain?

CogniFit could be a digital aid company centered on assessing and up psychological feature health. quite four million folks use our digital merchandise, that are offered in eighteen languages. brain games works daily to take care of its place as a market leader within the brain-training well-being space and is proud to be utilized by the scientific community and international firms. additionally, we tend to are increasing into the digital-therapeutics brain-conditions market by clinically confirmatory many merchandises like psychological feature treatment for the psychological feature talent full of Depression, Insomnia, Chemo Brain, Epilepsy, and more.

All of our merchandise is designed by a team of scientists, engineers, neurologists, and psychologists combining progressive neuroscience with AI algorithms embedded within the style of gamified psychological feature tests and interventions. Our psychology exploration and brain stimulation tools are supported a proprietary methodology designed to live, train, and accurately monitor concrete psychological feature skills and their relationships with neurologic pathologies.

Our core technologies assess quite twenty-three basic psychological feature skills and supply associate automatic understanding of the actual psychological feature condition of every user, followed by a personalized brain educational program.

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Neuropsychological exploration and psychological feature stimulation

The CogniFit Assessment consists of a comprehensive battery of tasks. every of those brain training exercises was fastidiously elite and categorized to live basic brain functions.

The +20 psychological feature skills that CogniFit assesses and trains are fastidiously chosen to represent a whole image of human Noesis. every of those evaluated functions are supported many thousands of information and scores, compared with average demographic supported the analysis of thousands of people. the advance in psychological feature skills when an amount of stimulation with CogniFit ar valid by several freelance studies. we tend to incessantly collaborate with investigators and also the scientific community to make sure that the most recent discoveries ar integrated into the program during a serious and skilled manner.


CogniFit for investigators and aid professionals

CogniFit offers a comprehensive psychological feature screening of the patient. This knowledge and results an high worth for health professionals and researchers as a result of they represent a supply of support for a diagnosis.

CogniFit for people, families, and colleges

CogniFit is additionally familiarized toward people, families and schools: by enjoying totally different mental games, you’ll discover your state. due to the info and also the development of advanced algorithms, CogniFit understands the actual state for every individual and offers a personalized brain educational program. most are distinctive and deserves an educational program tailored to their specific wants. By exactly activity the performance of brain functions, CogniFit mechanically creates a personalized educational program. the chosen tasks and their level of issue are dynamically combined supported the particular wants of the user.

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